Stripe Setup Webhook

We need to setup Webhooks to get the Instant Payment Notifcations from Stripe. This requires you to go into the Developer section on Stripe and setup a Live section and a test section.

QR Codes

QR Codes are an easy way to provide links to a website. We have a free mechanism to help you generate your own QR Code. Our link will allow you to create your code. We will generate your QR Code but we will not save it. You need to download it and save it for your own use.

Setup Stripe account

We now integrate PayPal and Stripe payments into our system. Welcome to FIFEpay our new Portal for payments. Our system allows payments to go direct to your account. Depending on volumes we charge £0.10 to £0.25 per transaction (charities excepted). Looking to collect payments for items that your club or group sells to raise funds ? Thinking about running a Raffle ? then collect your payments online. We are different to a normal shopping cart. You can setup individual items and track orders easily with our MyClubMembers admin management system.

Stripe Payment Implementation

We have used PayPal payments for quite a number of years. have taken more than 45,000 paypal payments through our system. Finally we are getting around to implement a Card only payment outwith paypal. Our Card Proces is Stripe .

Online Payments

Simple online payments can be integrated into your website without the need for a full or complete shopping cart. We integrate Stripe and Paypal. Our "new way to pay" is through our FIFEpay website.

Smithfield Awards 2020

The Q Guild of Butchers made a request for us to produce online entry forms for their awards for 2020. Q Guild Butchers have found this a simple and easy way to submit their entries.