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Stripe Payment Implementation

We have used PayPal payments for quite a number of years. have taken more than 45,000 paypal payments through our system.

Finally we are getting around to implement a Card only payment outwith paypal. Our Card Proces is Stripe .
I have two implementations:

1. Live Stream Purchases
2. Single Items purchase for a club, company or group.

As with the Live Stream purchases currently implemented using Paypal, all income goes straight to the club or company. Stripe payments implemented through our system will also mean that you reveive the payment directly.

We get return notification of the payment and can update our databases with the relevent information. Therefor if you purchase an online vent then once payment has been notified to our Confirmation page your individual account will be notified.

Please note that at busy times notification can sometimes take a few minutes so you should ensure that you purhcase live stream events in good time.