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Stripe Setup Webhook

We need to setup Webhooks to get the Instant Payment Notifcations from Stripe. This requires you to go into the Developer section on Stripe and setup a Live section and a test section.

Select the Developers option and also select `test mode`.

On the left under Webhooks, select ADD ENDPOINT

entr the URL as : https://fifepay.co.uk/pay-stripe

Listen to -- Events on your Account

+ Select the events to listen to (which you need to do for Live and Test):

-- charge.refunded
-- charge.dispute.created
-- payment_intent.partially_funded
-- paymen_intent_succeeded

Then select Add Events followed by Add Endpoint.

Collect application fees

With Connect, your platform can take an application fee on direct charges. To add an application fee on a charge, pass an optional application_fee_amount value as a positive integer:

 How to Add Webhooks in Stripe